AMO Toys Scandinavia

AMO Toys Scandinavia A/S is an independent distributor of toys, and licensed products for children.
The company was established in 2013, as a joint-venture between: AMO Oy, Bergsala AB,
and Henrik Mathiasen, bringing more than 100 years of experience into 1 leading toy company.
The company has its head office in Aarhus Denmark, with local sales offices in Norway and Sweden.

Amo Toys Scandinavia A/S market and distribute a range of carefully selected toy products- and brands to the Scandinavian market. All with very high standards of play-value, quality and safety. Our range includes some of the leading toy brands and licenses, as well as a market-leading range of private labels.

AMO Toys Scandinavia A/S works closely with our partner and co-owner AMO Oy, and offers a true Nordic solution to our partners.

Bergsala AB

Bergsala AB, with its subsidiaries Bergsala AS, Bergsala A/S and Oy Bergsala AB, exclusively handles distribution and marketing of Nintendo products.Read More

Bergsala AB is Nintendo's oldest export partner, and has distributed exciting innovations since 1981, ranging from Game & Watch handhelds, NES and SNES to the Wii family console and the supermodern New Nintendo 3DS XL - which has literally brought a new dimension to the gaming experience. Not to mention the latest console Nintendo Switch that is both stationary AND mobile.

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Bergsala Handic

Bergsala Handic AB imports and markets a range of known brands across Scandinavia. The main focus lies on consumer electronics, with products such as TV sets, TV accessories, mobile-phone accessories, as well as communications gear and navigation equipment.

Bergsala Holding

Bergsala Holding AB is the parent company of the Bergsala Group. The company shares facilities with Bergsala AB, Havsskatten AB and Bergsala Handic AB. The office is strategically located close to the E6 and the group's main warehouse.
Bergsala Holding also represents the group in joint ventures towards its associates.

Bergsala SDA

Bergsala SDA AB manufactures and imports consumer electronics for all Nordic markets. Core focus is on lighting products and small domestic appliances that are manufactured under the own brands Lighting by Havsö and Havsö.

Image & Form

Image & Form is a game developer in Göteborg, Sweden. The company has developed a great number of children's edutainment titles for Mac/PC and Nintendo platforms. Image & Form focuses on applications and games for mobile and handheld units. Both recent and former productions have won nominations and awards.
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Nordic Game Supply

Nordic Game Supply (NGS) is an independent distributor of PC and video games as well as peripherals. NGS serves more than 1,500 outlets in Northern Europe, and has a number of renowned partners such as Turtle beach, Take2, 2K Games, Bethesda and Konami.
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OnTopGames AB is co-owned with Swedish media personality Lasse Kronér. The main focus is to realize game ideas and develop them into game experiences.
For more information on OnTopGames, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rising Star Games

Rising Star Games Ltd (RSG) is a Europe-based publisher with subsidiaries in the US and Asia. RSG releases game titles for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft platforms. RSG focuses on Japanese games and has published more than 100 titles, among them the very popular Harvest Moon series, Little King's Story and No More Heroes.
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Zoink is a company based in Gothenburg that produces all sorts of multimedia but with a focus on developing compelling story-telling games with unique characters. Zoink have won many awards for their games.

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